SOHO Media Group is a full-service design studio working in the fields of strategy, brand identity, visual communication, advertising, web design, and digital experiences. Our emphasis is on producing thoughtful, conceptually driven work that comes from a close understanding of our clients and their audience. We seek to deliver ideas that not only resonate, but endure.

We are a brand-focused creative and advertising agency, with over twenty-five years experience in the industry. With offices in Australia and the United States, we bring an organic, problem solving approach to global brands and startups alike. SOHO is devoted to providing clients with exceptional creative solutions, by combining marketing and design to help brands define their positions, create a unique voice and build sustainable value. 


Aspley Hornets

Apollo Caravan & RV

ARC Medical

Big Deal Touring

Brisbane Isuzu

Burton & Ryan

Clarity Fitness

Eagers Automotive Limited

Evermore Homes

Ferrari of Atlanta

Grand Prix Motorgroup


Hog’s Breath Cafe

Howe Military Acadamy

Hyundai Australia

JUTE Theatre Company

Major League Cricket

Major League Rugby

McGuires Hotels

Mercedes Benz Brisbane

MG Motors Australia

Nissan Australia


Place Realestate

Rugby Atlanta


Sea Deck

Snap Fitness

Stroud Homes

Subaru Dealers Australia

Synergy Sleep



Volkswagen Group Australia

Zupps Automotive Group



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